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FUCHS, founded in 1931 as a family firm in Mannheim, Germany, is nowadays a globally operating corporation, and the world's leading supplier of lubricants among the independent companies.

FUCHS is a top-ranking front-runner: with a complete range of lubricants as its core program. With customized specialty solutions for multifarious market niches to complement its standard products. With comprehensive consultancy and service capabilities.

FUCHS offers lubricants for hundreds of applications - including lubricants for car-drivers and motor-cyclists, goods transport, passenger traffic, mining companies, the steel industry, vehicle and machinery construction, the building trade and agricultural equipment.

The group's harmonized policy in all essential and strategic questions utilizes to optimum effect the synergies created by worldwide interaction of the individual companies involved. International resources are deployed so economically and efficaciously that they directly benefit the customers on the spot.

No matter what are your lubricant needs FUCHS can meet all your lubricant demands offering over 4000 products on a world wide basis backed up by comprehensive back up services and support.

The group employs more than 4,000 people in Europe and overseas at more than 70 operative companies.

FUCHS MAK DOOEL is Macedonian 'daughter' company of FUCHS PETROLUB AG founded in 1998, and since then continuously present on the macedonian market. The company is with 100% german capital.

With the professional work, commitment and excellent service the company successfully strengthens and improves its place on the market. The products offered and sold are with highest quality, produced according German standards and with quality certificate from FUCHS factories across Europe.

FUCHS is not just selling the products, FUCHS offers solutions. You will truly fell the worldwide support of FUCHS through the professional cooperation that FUCHS MAK TEAM offers to you.

FUCHS – committed to move your world

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